I am a Lawrence Fellow of Judaic Studies for 2011-2014 at Lawrence University, in Appleton, Wisconsin. I teach Introductions to the Hebrew Bible, Judaism, and Religious Studies, as well as advanced seminars in my areas of interest.

Prior to my arrival at Lawrence, I studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Princeton University. My dissertation, entitled “Law and Society in the Dead Sea Scrolls” examined the underlying legal concepts found in the scrolls based on contemporary legal theory.

My major interest lies in ancient Jewish literature, including the Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Literature, and rabbinic literature. I am interested in development of exegetical traditions, intertextuality and imagery as literary devices, with special attention to constructions of law, community and space.

Another major interest of mine is Philosophy, especially Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Religion. I have recently taken an interest in spatial theory, and its implications to Law, to ancient Judaism and politics. A chapter of my dissertation focused on the concept of intention in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and I hope to continue exploring its role in philosophy, law, psychology and the arts.

As a firm believer in dialectics in education, I welcome any opportunity for dialogue. My preferred method of contact is e-mail, but I can also be reached by the social networks Facebook and Academia.edu.